Wonga Promo Code 2015


There is no Wonga promo code 2015 available that we will discuss further in this submission. The reason why this leading short term lender has removed the ability to receive discounts is through FCA capping. This new regulation has forced much lower interest rates that has cut the lender profits, forcing some companies to even close down their business. It makes sense that this particular coupon has been removed since it was designed to remove the charge for the transmission fee that has now been taken away anyway in order for them to become compliant. They charged £5.50 for this fast funding fee and you paid just over 1% daily for interest.

The new maximum industry charge is 0.8% daily that is the exact price that they have stuck with moving forward. In the months leading up to the cap the coupon box was taken down from their website, but they later added it again and so there was some confusion on which pathway they were heading down. They have however now completely removed the box and given the site a fresh redesign. There was no Wonga promo code for existing customers, however they did often send out deals for their loyal users by email. The popularity of these codes was always very high since this is the UK’s most popular lender.

In essence, you now receive a cheaper deal than ever before and all customers are now treated on an equal footing. You will still be receiving highly flexible loans with Wonga who are expected to continue to thrive this year. The only noticeable change outside of pricing and a design upgrade has seen them increase the minimum loan sum from £1 up to £50. Across the market, a few lenders have been removing the codes from their sites. The Enova brands are however sticking with their coupons. The QuickQuid Discount is set at 25% (as before) that keeps them competitive and there has been no change with Pounds to Pocket either.