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Last Update: January 15th, 2017

Address: 7/10 Chandos Street, London, W1G 9DQ.
Branding: WizzCash. AKA: Wizz Cash.
FCA Licence: 673428.
From: Emergency Cash Ltd.
Launched: 2012.
Memberships: CCTA.
Related: No companies.
Website: www.wizzcash.com.

Product Details…
Bad Credit WizzCash Loans Available?: Yes.
Manage: WizzCash login provided via www.wizzcash.com.
Offers: Instalment loans.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (9am/5.30pm).
Secure (SSL): Yes.
Sums: £300 (new) | £1000 max (returning).
Terms: 3 months.

The Pricing…
£155 /£300 (3) <0.574%>

Notes: A telephone call must be made to your place of work for verification. This will be completed during their noted operations days/times above.

– Growth: WizzCash have notable incredible growth since they launched in 2012. We have discussed this further in the profile section below. There has been other new companies that have managed to expand quickly. The difference with these is that they tend to have big budget owners that spend considerable amounts on advertising. Some also have further trading brands in their group. One such example would be Satsuma Loans from Provident Financial Plc.
– Niche: This lender was the first to champion 3 month payday loans online. Many instalment companies before them focussed on 6 month repayments, but the shorter selection of 3 was used here. This created an improved alternative to rolling over a standard monthly loan with improved pricing and no chunky single balance to repay.
– Profile: Despite being relatively new on the scene, this small London-based firm was a fast riser in Google search. They have for instance been one of the top listed lenders for the “Payday Loans” term in Google for some time and they are still ranking favourably for it. A TV advert was also put out across 2016.

– Times updated (was 9am/6pm), removal of 12 month option, they did start from £200 and the cost has increased (was 136.74). Some good news is that they have now relaxed the age requirement of 20.