Who Is Wescot Credit Services? Letter Says Pay Wescot for Halifax Debt?

Q: Who is Wescot Credit Services? Letter says pay Wescot for Halifax debt? ~ Don, Blackburn.

Wescot Credit Services Ltd is based in Hull, with other offices in Glasgow and Saltcoats. They are one of the UK’s top collection agencies servicing 5 million account holders each year. The only collectors who reportedly chase up more debts are Lowell and Moorcroft. What has been key to their success has been the big name creditors that they have worked with. As well as Halifax who you mentioned, they have been associated with the likes of Barclays, HSBC and NatWest. Away from banking, they have affiliations with British Gas, O2 and Sky. They have been under the control from Alchemy Partners since 2005 that has helped to boost their competitive edge against leading DCAs.

They were a debt purchaser, but they now manage accounts on behalf of the original creditor. They’ll earn a commission when they do collect successfully, but if they don’t then the arrears may be passed elsewhere or sold on by the original creditor. In your case, this should mean that once you have repaid the full sum there may be a chance that your Halifax account could be restored whether that’s a current account, credit card or loan. We’d recommend getting the arrears paid off as soon as you can, as they are CSA marked under Court Action and so they are likely to chase up aggressively (likely as WCS Legal).

If you are in a position to pay Wescot then you can do this quickly and securely online. This service (PayWescot) is located at www.paywescot.co.uk that is a secondary web page to their company website (www.wescot.co.uk). You’ll need your reference number to hand to pay them that should be attached to any letter received. This reference number should begin with DM. If the arrears are in high value then you may wish to propose a payment plan. You can give them a call on 01482 590500 that is impressively live 7/7. The listed support times are Monday to Friday (8am/9pm), Saturday (8am/4pm) and Sunday (9am/4pm).