Who Has the Most Banks Near Me in Manchester?

Q: Who has the most banks near me in Manchester? ~ Ted, Manchester.

Through running some checks on the majors there was usually 10 bank branches in Manchester. This was seen with the likes of Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, NatWest, Post Office and RBS. There really wasn’t much to call between these and they do tend to bunch up their outlets in all of the same highly populated areas. It would perhaps be a better measure to look at the total network sizes across the entire UK. As it stands, the Post Office has the largest network of 11,500 outlets. They don’t hold their own banking licence, but their products are issued by Bank of Ireland. Moving on, NatWest has a large network of 1600. Barclays sits very closely to them with 1500.

Moving down, Santander has 1300, HSBC has 1100 and Lloyds has 1000. It is worth adding that these are ballpark estimates with recent closures being common. Of those active in the UK, Santander has the largest number of worldwide branches at 15,000. Instead of seeking who has the most banks near you, we’d advise on comparing the products that each offers. Pick your favourites and then run “Find a Branch” searches on their sites to identity who can serve you best locally. Just as a final note, over the coming years network sizes are bound to shrink. With most people banking online these days, it just isn’t economically viable for many high street branches to remain open.