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Viva Loans

Viva Loans (VivaLoans) has enjoyed impressive traction since they launched at not too long back in 2014. This is the primary trading brand of Season Marketing Ltd (licence #665425) who are based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Other than this site, you may have spotted Heart Paydays and Loan Sumo that are each relatively well known. Over the past year the advertising push for this flagship brand through Google has been extensive and we’ve spotted their ads popping up quite a lot here on Lenders4U. Heart Paydays is also advertised to a notable extent on the web. This company is not to be confused with VivaLoan who introduce personal loans over in the United States.

A short term loan can be received here between the cash selections of £100 and £1000. On the calculator you can choose between flexible repayment options from 7 to 30 days. There are around 40 lenders attached to their panel although no specific companies are mentioned. The interest that you pay is likely to match the industry cap (£24 per £100 over 30 days). They however provide a representative example that comes in way below this. This example is priced at £14.84 per 100 borrowed. No such payday lender that we know charges this amount. The closest cost to this that we have identified comes from Tide U Over at £15 (Update: TUO is now a broker).

Regardless of the charge listed, the Viva Loans are fed through a Pingtree system until you are matched to a partner and so you would likely end up paying the market average. All applications are securely processed through that is now housed with user logins. Logins were likely added when their new theme was rolled out. The addition of logins is pleasing to see, with very few brokers provided such a facility. Another plus point is that their customer support team can be reached 7 days a week. The listed times run between Monday and Friday from 8am to 10pm and both Saturday and Sunday is 9am to 10pm.