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Last Update: September 10th, 2016

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Very Credit CardsThe Shop Direct Group’s Very brand has progressed well in recent years. They had only launched back in 2009 and yet current Alexa data ranks close to being the 260th most visited website here in the UK. Their sister site (Littlewoods) is ranks just above 500, but both are still some way behind Argos who ranked 50th. They of course have many years of experience behind them as well as their impressive high street presence of 845 stores, although Sainsbury’s are planning to cut 200 of them when they become the new owner. Very’s rise to stardom ties in with their focus on brand awareness with a heavy investment on TV advertising using a range of celebrity endorsements.

There was a time when Shop Direct opted to trade through a wide range of various brands, but this has changed more recently. Both Isme and Woolworths have morphed into this company whilst K&Co has been phased in Littlewoods. Very’s Money Zone is where you’ll find their financial products. Shop Direct provides their customer accounts where interest is charged at 39.9%. They broker Personal Loans with Moneyway and then there is the Very credit card that is issued by Capital One. Both the Littlewoods/Very cards are matched in specs with one minor difference being that Littlewoods hand on a £10 bonus. This was available here, but it has now been taken down.

This MasterCard will have initial funds set between £200 and £1500. The standard interest is 34.9% APR (34.94%). The application is not taken at, but over at Capital One who’ll also provide you with The Login and the mobile app. The styling of these cards is black with dark pink spots and not bright pink that would have been expected based on their branding. The £10 bonus has as noted closed, but you can get this over at Littlewoods. Also of note is that they currently have a 0% shopping account promotion on that side, but as has been reported in the media the goods they sell there tend to be priced much higher.