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Last Update: September 17th, 2016

Alternatives Submission:
Vanquis Credit CardsWe introduced Vanquis Here, but stated in that posting that we’d cover their login sites separately. They confusingly have 3 of these and so we’ll explain on this page each of them. All cards that they issue use the sites discussed here. Other than the main brand this includes Aquis, Chrome, NEO, Origin and Original. Then there are the affinity partners that includes Argos and Granite. There is also Black Diamond and XYLO who they let CBS broker. It appears now that they issue this and just let Credit Benefit Services Llc promote the product. If we take the example that a customer has just landed on the main site, there are 2 options displayed on the page.

The first is “Pay My Card” that takes you to and the other is “EVanquis” where you will be redirected over to Once you have landed on EVanquis this essentially acts as a gateway where you will see that there are 2 other options. The first forwards to (note the .com and not This is joined again by Pay My Card. It doesn’t make much sense why they don’t just have the single Vanquis login site. Whilst PayVanquis may be dedicated to making payments, you can do this on the main As well as doing this you can check recent transactions, view the last 6 statements and view annual statements produced after December 2014.

If you wanted you could setup a direct debit. Customers do need to register here and then to get logged in enter their Internet ID and memorable word. With PayVanquis you can only make debit card payments. When reaching that site the customer will be asked to enter their account number (16 digits) and 2 numbers from their date of birth. The difference looks to be that you don’t need to register on this side. Perhaps this could be the only route to clear the account when there is a block on the central one. Just remember that this Vanquis login is also used for affinity cards. You can also download their app to manage on the go.