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Last Update: September 17th, 2016

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Vanquis Credit CardsVanquis Bank was registered in 2002 and they started operating across 2003. Over their history they have served 3 million people with credit cards. The current active user base sits at around 1.4 million. The owner is Provident Financial who are otherwise known for GLO, Moneybarn, Provident and Satsuma Loans. Within the niche in focus their main competitor is Capital One and they have seen Aqua emerge in recent years. There is one such Visa card pitched at They however run other projects including Aquis, NEO, Origin and Original. Then there are the affinity partners Argos and Granite plus the CBS managed Black Diamond and XYLO. Whether customers use their card or another that they issue, everyone uses the same login portal (EVanquis).

Just to add that Chrome was released in 2016. EVanquis has been discussed in a separate post linked above since there are so many others using the facility. There are also other login sites that has been explained further. Getting back to the Visa product on offer, when receiving the card for the first time it will come with a limit between £150 and £1000. Limits can see updates every 5 months. On a past check the potential return sum was £3500, but this has now been raised up to £4000. The APR comes in at 39.9% (39.94% on purchases). It states within the summary that depending on your circumstances the interest could be pushed back to 69.9%. The best lender rate was at Aquis at 29.8% (29.84%), but the newly formed Chrome heads down to (29.5%) 29.50%.

Vanquis credit cards are designed to cater those turned down elsewhere. They consider people with CCJs, defaults or past bankruptcy. Anyone with a low income or in self-employment could also get the green light. When applying at you’ll receive a quick 60 second response. At application stage you can choose between 8 different themes. For those that are accepted, the cards are usually shipped out in the welcome pack between 10 and 14 days. Their support team can be reached during the week during the times of 8am to 8pm or on Saturdays from 9am to 5.30pm. As was noted above, we have discussed the login situation in a split posting.