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Uncle Buck

Last Update: January 18th, 2017

Address: 707 Churchill Way, Biggin Hill Airport, Westerham, TN16 3BN.
Branding: Uncle Buck. AKA: UncleBuck.
FCA Licence: 673545.
From: Uncle Buck Finance Llp.
Launched: 2004.
Memberships: BCCA.
Related: No companies.
Website: www.unclebuck.co.uk.

Product Details…
Bad Credit Uncle Buck Loans Available?: Yes.
Manage: Uncle Buck login provided via www.unclebuck.co.uk.
Offers: Instalment loans.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (8am/8pm), Saturday (9am/3pm).
Secure (SSL): Yes.
Sums: £100 to £500 (new) | £1000 max (returning).
Terms: 3 months.

The Pricing…
£145.51 /£300 (3) <0.539%>

Notes: In early 2017 applications were not being processed. This has been noted as a temporary thing (we’ll report back). This lender has had a habit of switching domains. On the past check they used the (.tv) extension, but have now gone back to (.co.uk). See below for info on their extended depositing times.

– Experience: Has been lending since 2004 that was just a year after the first online firms started popping up on the scene.
– Operations: New customers can get approved on Saturdays. They operate for 12 hours throughout the working week that is also notable. The deposit times are headed as hourly between 8am and midnight 7/7. This opens up the chance of a Sunday payout to returning users (so long as there is no flag).
– Ownership: In the ITV documentary “Cash in Hand! Payday Loans” we were shown the workings of this firm’s collections team. Back then they were paying out around 12,000 loans monthly. Their workforce also grew to above 70. We are discussing their core brand here. Some time back they also operated through RedWallet, VarioLoans and WagedayXpress. These brands were picked up when the owner acquired Ancora Capital Ltd. This was a clear sign of their prominence, but unfortunately this trio has now been passed on to RevUP Media Llc. Each now only exists for loan brokerage. RedWallet had been notable for their top search engine presence.
– Profile: This lender has always been well known across the payday space. Since 2004 they have advertised extensively online and are today promoted on a range of loan review sites. Measuring their overall popularity isn’t easy to accomplish since their data is skewed by search engine queries being entered in Google for the John Candy movie of the same name. The noted lead volume and workforce shows that they at least sit somewhere in the middle between the majors and the smallest loan providers.

– 2017 has seen several changes. They moved back to the (.co.uk) and gave this site a fresh revamp. Their monthly term was replaced by a 3 month repayment. The Ancora brands have been sold and there has been a temporary pause on lending.
– Ancora Capital Ltd lending brands were acquired.
– Pricing has been updated that now matches the FCA limit. Before this regulation came into force, the monthly interest was priced at £34.95 per £100 borrowed and there was an optional fast funding fee at £15 if you weren’t willing to go with their slower transfer. The promo code was designed for the transfer fee and so obviously this has now been removed. Such codes were never actively promoted across the web including on their social media pages. It may have been the case that they sent these out to their customers via email.
– Trading times have took on a minor change. Between Monday and Friday they did open until 7pm, but this has now increased to 8pm. The Saturday time has remained the same.
– Website switch over to the (.tv) TLD. They have since changed this again.