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TrustFord (or Trust Ford) is a chain of 65 dealerships owned by the Ford Motor Company. This particular brand was put together in June 2014 although there were various companies before this that were all lumped together, with roots dating back nearly 100 years. Some people may question the need in this American automaker creating their own chain when they are already franchised extensively right across the UK. There is no doubt however that the direct dealer route is working incredibly well. They for instance sell 90,000 vehicles per year and have managed a turnover of just over £1.4 billion that put them in the 9th overall spot for 2014.

The only automaker ahead of them was Mercedes through the Mercedes-Benz Retail Group. They ranked in the 7th spot with £1.7 billion and so there wasn’t too much between the motoring giants. On running a search via you can view around 4000 cars. Close to 3900 of these are Fords and the rest are a range of mixed used cars from other manufacturers. The TrustFord finance is provided by a selection of independent lenders. This notice wasn’t expected to see since on their brand new cars they always finance themselves through FCE Bank Plc. Anyway, there are 3 plans available that includes Acquire, Options and Options Cashplan.

Acquire is a traditional hire purchase plan (12 to 60 months), Options is a personal contract purchase plan and Cashplan differs to this by requiring a sizeable cash deposit, in order to bypass regular instalments. There is a payment area attached to although there is surprisingly no encryption used on this page that would have been expected. When viewing stock they provide breakdowns of the charges, but with no interest rates. There is however a representative example always shown besides the listings at 13.9% APR. Across the 65 dealerships there tended to be a variation in closing times. Most of those checked were open 7 days a week anyway.