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True Blue Loans

Address: N1, Blois Meadows Business Centre, Steeple Bumpstead, CB9 7BN.
Branding: True Blue Loans. Also known as: TrueBlueLoans.
FCA Licence: 655974.
From: Fidelity Works Ltd.
Launched: 2013.
Memberships: CCTA.
Related: BFWG Grants, Pacific Odyssey.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday (9am/5pm).
Bad credit considered: Yes.
Manage: No True Blue Loans login at
Offers: Instalment loans.
Pricing: £155.38/£300 (3 months) | £298.25/£300 (6 months).
Sums: £100 to £300 (new) | £500 max (returning).
Terms: 3, 5 or 6 months.
Notes: Loyalty discounts are offered to existing customers. They state that a saving is made on the final payment, but no further details are provided and so we didn’t add this as a noteworthy feature. As part of verification, a workplace call must be made. They have historically asked for customers with monthly wage packets of £1200 that is quite high compared to their rivals and so this requirement may still be in place.

– Growth: True Blue has progressed swiftly since their launch back in 2013. Their web popularity has been picking up and they are now one of the best ranked instalment lenders through related searches in Google. They do have a few other direct lending brands such as BFWG Grants and Pacific Odyssey. There is actually a much larger tally of listed trading names on their FCA licence page. They are additional setup as a broker and for these other companies they are acting as loan finders. It was noticed that Lifeboat Loans was also listed on their profile. This firm was launched by Lifeboat Assistance Ltd who are based in Doncaster back in summer 2013 and they later closed. Whether they were part of the parent company or their assets were simply sold on is unclear.

– Amounts for existing customers ranged between £100 and £750 whilst they restricted new clients at £400. The current range has been shortened. This may be due to their removal of their extended 9 month repayment.
– Pricing has seen a reduction. The previous £300 charges compared to the examples above were £188.61 (3) and £366.67 (6).
– Terms were set as 3, 6 or 9 months. The selection of 9 has now been replaced by 5.