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Last Update: September 7th, 2016

The Toyota Motor Corporation was established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. They are today headquartered in Aichi, Japan. This has been the world’s best selling automaker for a few years now. Only they surpassed the 10 million mark across 2015 with 10.15m sales (includes Hino, Lexus etc). They notably created the best selling car of all-time in the Corolla that incredibly hit the 40m milestone. The Auris took over from this mighty Corolla locally in early 2007. Whilst global dominance has been proven worldwide, they have yet to really set the UK alight. Ford, Vauxhall and VW had more than one model in the top 10 for sales last year whilst Toyota’s tally was 0.

In the top spot was the Ford Fiesta with 133,434 registrations. In comparison, the Yaris managed 22,294 plus 10,902 for their Hybrid version. Their Aygo sold 24,543 and so as you can see they have some catching up to do. For the 2016 year the starting prices as taken from were as follows: Aygo (£8495), Yaris (£10,995), Auris (£14,995), Verso (£17,295) and Avensis (£18,085). Some notable more pricey models include the GT86 at £22,495 and the RAV4 at £23,695. A premium pick is the Land Cruiser at £35,905, but it is the Mirai that comes out on top. This has no current listing price, but it is expected to sell at around £60,000.

In-house financing arises from Toyota Financial Services (TFS) who originally launched in Australia back in 1982. The local subsidiary is Toyota Financial Services (UK) Plc (aka TFSUK) that arrived in 1988. There are 2 credit products available. The main one is AccessToyota (PCP) that carries terms of 24 to 37 months. The other is Hire Purchase (HP) that has a large 12 to 60 month span. Quotes are taken at for their PCP plans only. A login is also equipped here once the lending goes ahead. The standard Toyota car finance rate from their calculator was competitively set at 4.9% APR. This rate is seen in the offers area with typical deposit contributions between £750 and £2000.

There was select 0% offers on the likes of the Auris and Yaris, but a 24 month term will be in place. Other than this the common rate as noted is 4.9%. The deposit asked for is 0% to 35% and so you can set what you’d like for this. The ability is there to apply directly in minutes and later manage the policy online. The credit deals are competitive and the cars are affordable that adds to the appeal further. What likely puts off mainstream buyers is that the Aygo and Yaris are far too small. For high performance, the GT86 may prove more attractive and for a classy SUV we have the RAV4 that is a worthy choice in Hybrid.