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The Car Finance Company

Address: 47-51 Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth, PO2 8AA.
Branding: The Car Finance Company. Also known as: CarFinanceCompany.
FCA Licence: 600168.
From: The Car Finance Company (2007) Ltd.
Launched: 2007.
Memberships: Non.
Related: No companies.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday (8am/8pm), Saturday (10am/5.30pm).
Bad credit considered: Yes.
Manage: The Car Finance Company login provided via
Niche: Car.
Pricing: 49.57% APR.
Products: Hire purchase.
Sums: £1500 to £6000 (new) | £10,000 max (returning).
Terms: 12 to 48 months.
Notes: We have marked a login above, but this is a basic facility for payments only. The domain is not encrypted. Whilst not specified it appears that you do have the freedom to find your own dealer. No such preferred partners are listed.

– Eligibility: This service was designed to cater those who have struggled to seek financing. Whilst the specifics of what they are willing to accept (such as CCJ cases), they do claim to accept 50% of all applications. The APR may come high, but they are willing to take a chance when other lenders would quickly decline.
– Operations: Leads are processed for a full day on Saturdays.
– Profile: There is no doubt that this lender has been growing swiftly in this space. They have only been trading since 2007 and yet they have already helped out 30,000 customers. The current user base is growing at 2000 each month, but this is expected to climb up to 3000 towards the end of 2015. As well as the head office in Portsmouth, they have other offices listed in Nottingham and Southampton. There may also be offices in Bristol and Chatham. The search engine data for this lender indicates that they have been gathering massive traction over the past year.

– From a previous check we were aware of there being a Bristol and a Chatham branch. These are no longer listed on their contact page and so they may have downsized.