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Sytner Group

Sytner Group Ltd is the UK’s 2nd largest motoring chain. They generated a turnover just above £3.6 billion in 2014. This wasn’t too far behind Pendragon who just surpassed the £4 billion mark. This company was founded in 1968 by Alan and Frank Sytner, with Frank being otherwise well known through his racing career. Whilst British based, this chain is today owned by America’s Penske Corp. On the internal search of there are over 9100 cars to browse through. There are around 140 dealerships, with a clear focus on prestige franchising. They had started out working exclusively with BMW, but have extended to cover the likes of Bentley, Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini.

Such luxury brands have helped to maximise turnover, but continual growth through acquisition has also played a key role, noting the likes of Guy Salmon and the Ixion Motor Group. Whilst Sytner finance is available, there isn’t a considerable amount of information presented on the topic. There are a few agreement types to pick between, but hire purchase and personal contract purchase have always been the main options. It is stated that a limited number of lenders are used, with no specific names mentioned. From several listings that we studied the APR was set at 12.9%. This was for more affordable cars, with prestige models usually not showing any interest figures.

There is 9100+ stock listed on, but quite sizeable tallies are attributed to specific automakers. For instance, BMW has a share of 2200+ whilst Audi is also notably popular with 1700+. In contrast, there was just 54 results for Ferrari. If you have spotted a model that you’d like on finance then there is a small form to fill out for a callback from them. The advised approach would be to spot where the model is located and to head down to that showroom. There is a big variation on times across outlets, but those we checked were open 7/7 for sales. At the latest, Mon/Fri closed at 7pm and Sat/Sun was 6pm.