Sunny Promo Code 2015


Update: New 2016 Code

We’d advise viewing the 2016 listing above since the following 20% offer has closed. The Sunny Loans have just got cheaper when opting for their 6 month selection. We spotted this promotion through a Google advert that was the first that we had heard about it. It hasn’t yet made their TV ads that you can’t seem to escape these days. The Sunny promo code 2015 grants a 20% saving. This new offer can be made on their 6 month loan and not on their 14 month loan. Whilst the repayment is set at 6 months, they state that you can clear at any time and their calculator allows you to sample your term of choice. With the new discount factored, this lender’s charges stand out over a single month.

The standard monthly charge sits at the market cap (£24 per £100) and so with the discount this cost is brought down to £19.20. Very few lenders charge less than £20 and so it is pleasing to see this reduction. The usual £300 instalment charges are £154.24 (3) and £295.91 (6). With a 20% discount this should take these costs down to £123.39 (3) and £236.73 (6). However, on their calculator these come out a little different at £121.90 and £230.54. You’d only see these changes if you headed through a themed ad. It does appear that new and returning customers can take advantage of this deal. It is likely to last into 2016.

There are product similarities to QuickQuid who like them are one of today’s most visible advertisers on TV. QuickQuid have issued promos over much of their history. Their £24 monthly charge cuts down to £18 with their saving that is just a little less than the £19.20 you pay here. You do get a cheaper deal through this firm over 3 months and can obtain funding 7/7 alike QQ. An attractive feature is the giant £2500 sum as well as the longer terms. It is just a shame that the saving is only available at 6 months or less. The Sunny loans promo code to enter at application is SUNNY20.