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Stratstone was established in 1921 as Stratton-Instone Ltd. They have been part of Pendragon Plc since 1992 that ties them in with Evans Halshaw. Luxury is at the heart of this brand that is seen across many of their 70 dealerships. High end franchise partners include Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche. They have also joined up with impressive mid range automakers such as BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz. There is a listed range of 18,600 used cars although this is the group’s tally. An issue when checking through the stock on is that many of the cars are actually from Evans Halshaw where you’ll be redirected if you wish to view the listing.

Whilst Evans Halshaw generates Pendragon’s volume sales, this company generates the high ticket sales. This is reflected in 2014’s operating profit figures that saw £35.5 million here and £32.6 million at EH. Stratstone finance is available in hire purchase and personal contract purchase plans. HP sees a 12 to 60 month term spread. The actual lending partners connected to them are not shared that is also the case at their sister brand. You won’t be able to apply for financing through and for many of the luxury cars they were unable to quote APRs. On those we were able to source interest examples, the range typically sat between 9% and 15%.

On a check up on brand new models the interest was pitched at 5.9%. Bad credit across all of their stock wouldn’t likely be considered. Of all of their many impressive partnerships, their Ferrari dealership naturally raises the highest level of interest. Some of their key market rivals have managed to attract the Italian giant into partnership such as Charles Hurst and JCT600. We’ll pay some attention to the UK’s various Ferrari dealerships in a later submission. The showroom opening times change across outlets. One such branch we checked was open on Monday from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday to Friday was 8am to 6pm and Saturday had the same time as Monday.