Speedy Dosh Loans Info (Closed)

Speedy Dosh was a payday lender based in the capital that had traded from www.speedydosh.com since the year 2010. Over the time that this company was active they had built up a loyal following and had took on lots of position feedback for the quality of the service received. Unfortunately, they would go on to close although we have no idea when this occurred (it was not a recent exit). They did tend to post a lot through their Facebook page and the updates from this suddenly stopped and so perhaps this was a sign that things weren’t going to plan. The product on offer was packaged together well.

Speedy Dosh loans were taken over a full month. As a newcomer to them, you could receive between £100 and £150 and in time could access a higher amount of £450 once you had shown trust. The monthly charge covering interest was £25 on each £100 received. There was also a fast payment charge of £5 that created a total 30% monthly rate. They did however offer promotional codes. These weren’t easy to track down, but if you managed to get one then this would take out the funding fee and leave you with just the interest to pay. The look of www.speedydosh.com was stylish in its design, including secure user logins.

The funds were issued between working days with no referenced times although you did have to get the agreement in by 4pm in order for the loan to be put through. The closure of Speedy Dosh was a shame to see since they offered good value (when a promo was added) and they had always been well received. The reviews were as noted supportive and they had taken on a member place with the popular CCTA trade association. It is not clear why they decided to call it a day, but the fierce competition faced may have been overbearing. They were promoted on many review websites, but perhaps they needed to do more.