Speedy Cash Loans Info (Closed)

Speedy Cash loans are no longer available online for UK residents, but you can still receive their service through their stores and so this is not a complete closure (Store Info). They are still trading online in the United States, whilst the owner operates as Cash Money in Canada. The UK closure very much looks to have resulted from the FCA cap. Their stores have remained active although this network has been downsized. There was 23 of these nationwide, but there are now 13 (11 of which are located in London). The total number of stores owned by the group is 420 that also includes the Cash Money and Rapid store fronts.

CURO Financial Technologies Corp who operate locally through SRC Transatlantic Ltd did look to be progressing well, especially when they acquired WageDayAdvance back in 2013. WDA has remained active since the cap was enforced. Speedy’s routes head back to 1997 when they opened their first store in Riverside, California. It wouldn’t be until 2010 that they would take on the British market. Monthly loans were primary that were later joined by an instalment offering of 18 months. The Speedy Cash payday loan granted £100 to £500 sums with a charge of £29 per £100. Previous to this they charged £25. Their Flex service offered higher amounts up to £1000. Their store product now meets the cap (0.8% daily).

Phone support was (and still is) available between Monday and Friday (8am to 7pm) and on Saturdays (9am to 2pm). Some of their stores were open on a Sunday although this is no longer the case. They did hold a good market reputation and were BCCA members. The website (www.speedycash.com) used to serve geo content (based on where you were located). Visiting this site now just sends you to their American section. They now use www.speedycashloans.co.uk locally that informs of the recent goings on. It is a shame to have seen another high profile lender step down, but for now they remain on our high streets. You can also essentially still use them online by heading to WageDayAdvance.