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Renault Car Finance

Last Update: September 7th, 2016

France’s leading motoring brand was established in 1899 by Fernand, Louis and Marcel Renault. In the modern era they teamed up with Japan’s Nissan create the Renault-Nissan Alliance. This fusion delivered 8.5m unit sales over 2015 marking the group as the 4th largest on the global stage. Renault’s contribution was 2.2m (2.8 when including Dacia’s share at around 550k). Nissan is the Alliance’s key component at 5.4m whilst Lada was small at 305k. The battle for French dominance in itself has been challenging due to the combined force of Groupe PSA that brings together Citroen and Peugeot. It is however the Clio that has been the best seller in France and it is loved across the wider regions of Europe.

The Clio has in fact won double European Car of the Year awards in 1991 and 2006. Renault’s collective win tally sits at 6 that is only edged out by Fiat who will take some beating with 9 wins. One of the attractive features seen in today’s cars is affordability. From the latest range showcased on they start with the Twizy where you can pick one up for the mere price of £6895. The Twingo is another budget model under £10k starting from £9495. The best selling Clio begins from £11,145 with other examples including Zoe (£13,945), Captur (£14,575) and the new Megane from £16,600. The more pricey designs are the Kadjar (£18,495) and the Scenic (£21,085).

Renault Finance is a trading name of RCI Financial Services who fund the agreements for all new cars bought across the Alliance. There is a financing site at that presents basic product info, but the login is taken elsewhere on a specific long URL at RCI Banque Web that is linked via RCI’s corporate site is Renault car finance is available on 2 plans that includes Hire Purchase (HP) covering 12 to 48 months and this is joined by Selections (PCP) that differs with a minimum 2 year term. The bulk of HP plans where you take ownership are packaged at 0% APR, but there is a minimum deposit to pay at 40%.

The more popular market choice is PCP where customers can exchange for newer models every few years. The current deals on this side are either 0%, 3.99% or 5.9%. This depends on the term selected with the zero interest being taken on a short 2 year repayment. This rises to 3.99% (3) and 5.9% (4). When there are contributions made on deposits this level will typically be £1000 or £1250 (we have seen £2000 though). You can importantly access great deals on the popular Clio and on the cheap Twingo. There are however no deals on the Twizy that isn’t surprising considering its low purchase price. Renault’s financing team can be contacted during the week (8.30am/6pm) or on Saturdays (9am/5pm).