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Last Update: October 11th, 2016

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Ramsdens for Cash Store LoansRamsdens for Cash (usually just branded as Ramsdens) was established back in 1987. They have built up a sizeable network of 120 stores. They have become recognisable nationwide through their sponsorship of Middlesbrough FC who are of course now enjoying top flight football in the Premier League. This brand has suffered in recent years through falling gold prices, but it does look like they have managed to weather the storm. Impressively, they have done this without taking a hit on the retail front. A range of options are promoted at www.ramsdensforcash.co.uk such as cheque cashing, pawnbroking and a pre-paid travel card. There are no unsecured Ramsdens loans available on this site or through retail.

You can apply on the site for a secured logbook loan, but they are acting as a credit broker here for Loans 2 Go Ltd. We can recall them referring in the past to Satsuma Loans, but they have ceased this partnership for some reason. Their pawnbroker loan can be secured against jewellery, watches and select electronics. Between £10 and £100,000 can be pawned here at 75% of the pre-owned value. They set the term at 5 months, but it can be settled early. The interest works out at 9.9% per month. For short term borrowing you can use their Buy Back service where a contract is drawn up for 31 days.

You can take in any smartphone whilst for tablets they specifically request Apple or Samsung designs. The Ramsdens for Cash Buy Back charge is 20%. When viewing this page at www.ramsdensforcash.co.uk they’ll advise potential customers to run a search for their local branch. They centrally take calls between Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. In regards to their store times, these differ from location to location. It was common to see Monday to Saturday (9am to 5pm), although some opened at 9.30am and closed at 4pm on Saturdays. The odd branch was open on Sundays. This was seen for instance in their local region of Middlesbrough at the Gilkes Street and Hillstreet Shopping Centre stores.