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Quid Market

Address: PO Box 10118, Nottingham, NG8 9JJ.
Branding: Quid Market. Also known as: QuidMarket.
FCA Licence: 638868.
From: Stagemount Ltd.
Launched: 2009.
Memberships: CCTA.
Related: No companies.
Website: www.quidmarketloans.com.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Thursday (8am/6.30pm), Friday (8am/6pm), Saturday (9am/4pm).
Bad credit considered: Yes.
Manage: Quid Market login provided via www.quidmarketloans.com.
Offers: Monthly and instalment loans.
Pricing: £24/£100 (30 days) | £154.37/£300 (3 months).
Sums: £200 to £750 (new) | £750 max (returning).
Terms: 1 to 6 months.
Notes: You can’t select the £100 sum demonstrated above (you would have to pay £48/£200 monthly). To qualify your pay packet must be above £1000 that is higher than the sector average. They must also make a quick call to your workplace to verify that you work there. They sometimes brand themselves as QuidMarket.

– Amounts: Whilst it would be beneficial to see smaller potential amounts, they do offer flexibility across their complete range with each amount rising in £1 increments.
– Operations: Payouts are made on Saturday over an extended period of time to get approved. On topic, they specify that the agreement must be signed before 5pm throughout the week and before 4.30pm on a Saturdays. This Saturday time sits outside their operational hours, but there is a notice that they have an out of hours team and so it is good to see this extra focus over the weekend.

– Original loan sums for new applicants ranged between £150 and £225. Existing customers could receive £400 that was later increased to £550.
– Pricing calculated as £32.50 per £100 although you couldn’t select this amount. Optional funding was set at £15 that if selected was discounted from your cash.
– Product was fixed over the month. This term has remained in place, but they have now added selections as far as 6 months and there are no restrictions based on the amount that you choose.
– There has been a website migration. They had been trading for most of their history through www.quidmarket.com. When they moved they completely revamped the design that has become more polished and vibrant.