QuickQuid Review | www.quickquid.co.uk


Last Update: September 1st, 2016

Address: 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS.
Branding: QuickQuid. AKA: QQ, Quick Quid.
FCA Licence: 673738.
From: CashEuroNet UK Llc (part of Enova International Inc).
Launched: 2007.
Memberships: CFA.
Related: On Stride Financial, Pounds to Pocket.
Website: www.quickquid.co.uk.

Product Details…
Bad Credit QuickQuid Loans Available?: Yes.
Manage: QuickQuid login provided via www.quickquid.co.uk.
Offers: Instalment and payday loans.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (7am/10pm), Saturday to Sunday (10am/6.30pm).
Secure (SSL): Yes.
Sums: £50 to £1000 (new) | £1500 max (returning).
Terms: 1, 2 or 3 months.

The Pricing…
£22.80 /£100 (30) (promo) <0.760%>
£24 /£100 (30) (return) <0.800%>
£205.20 /£300 (3) (promo) <0.760%>
£216 /£300 (3) (return) <0.800%>

Notes: The daily interest rate here is 0.8% across all terms. The 5% QuickQuid Promo Code is restricted to new customers only.

– Amounts: The accessible sums are higher than those of most of their monthly rivals. This has included £1000 on initial applications and £1500 when returning.
– International: Enova operates across several locations worldwide. In their home country they trade through CashNetUSA, DollarsDirect, Headway Capital and NetCredit. Then there is Simplic nearby in South America, SimpleCredit in China and the DollarsDirect brand also exists over in Australia. The UK however remains their prime location.
– Operations: Same day loans are available from this lender every day. It was a shame to learn though that they no longer operate 24/7.
– Ownership: The driving force behind their prominence has been Cash America International Inc. They control over 1000 lending stores across America. This support has enabled extensive TV ad campaigning for many years as well as the development of their successful partner program that has brought in considerable business from the many brokers connected. QQ is now owned by Enova that was a previous division of Cash America.
– Pricing: The product price has always been historically competitive. The primary reason for this has been that they have never charged extra for same day funding. Great value is available in 2016 to new users who take advantage of their welcome discount on a monthly loan.
– Profile: QuickQuid became one of the major UK payday loan firms soon after launch. Since 2007 they have battled for dominance with PaydayUK who are also controlled by American owners. In the modern day QQ remains a key market player, whilst PDUK has lost their early traction. A notice on their site heads that they now have 1 million customers. This is even a higher figure than Wonga who also had 1 million, but they’ve lost a fair chunk of these.

– 2016 promo code now added. A further recent change has seen 24/7 support cut back.
– Pricing before the FCA cap came into force was variable with interest being determined by the credit score of the applicant. The £100 cost was £20, £25 or £29.50. The old 30% discount took these charges down to £14, £17.50 or £20.65. It is notable that promos have remained, but these have been cut down to 5% as of 2016.
QuickQuid FlexCredit has now been closed. Flexible loan terms are however still available through their sister-companies. This includes Pounds to Pocket (6 to 12 months) and On Stride Financial (1 to 3 years).
– There has been a spin-off between Cash America and Enova. Moving forward, Enova International Inc has taken full ownership.