QuickQuid Promo Code 2015


Update: New 2016 Code

QuickQuid promos have been available since this major lender launched back in 2007. The demand for these savings has always been significant across the market since this firm of course always showcases coupons in their advertisements whether that be online or on the TV. Most of the UK lenders that have released promos over the years have done so in order for the customer to receive a saving on the transmission fee (typically valued at £5 or £6). Fast funding has however been provided for free with this lender and so the cut has been made against the interest charge. These discounts have only ever been available to first time users.

There was some confusion surrounding just what saving was available when it comes to the QuickQuid promo code 2015. QQ codes are typed in on the application form and so you can’t validate them there and then that is why it has been difficult to determine what is available. When we headed on to their website they had setup a new dedicated page that promoted a 5% discount. When searching the web, we noticed a banner from them that was promoting a listed 25% saving. This was just a week after the FCA cap was unleashed and so they may have not got around to updating their promotional material just yet.

Update: Several months have now passed and this 25% saving is still being promoted and so it will work for you. And so, for the QuickQuid promo code 2015 the coupon QQ25 will lower your £100 monthly cost down to £18. You can use this saving on their extended terms (2 or 3 months), but when you do this they don’t score too well for pricing compared to other firms. If you are a new user and are happy to go with the single month then this discount will grant you the 3rd cheapest payday loan in the UK today. It is just a shame that return users aren’t handed with this deal.