QuickQuid FlexCredit Loans Info (Closed)

When QuickQuid FlexCredit closed down, it came as a surprise. This project was created to supplement the main QuickQuid product. It was available both on the main website and also on www.quickquidflexcredit.co.uk. The launch only took place recently in 2013. There was originally a highly flexible term span of 1 to 10 months. This was later changed so that there was a fixed term at 10 months, although you could however choose to settle whenever you pleased for a rebate. The same cash sums were available as with the monthly product whereby new applicants could access between £50 and £1000, with a top returning sum of £1500.

It was always difficult to pick out pricing since what you paid changed depending on how many days were in that given month. If you did borrow £100 and settled after just a month then we recall a reasonable charge of £24.30. From previous research of a £300 sum, the 3 month cost was £196.39 and for 6 this cost was £326.97. Promo codes were attached to their applications forms, but these were never promoted. The standard QQ Codes didn’t work here. You could freely settle at any time through the login at www.quickquidflexcredit.co.uk and it is assumed that you could also do this from the main site.

The USP of FlexCredit was that it was available 24/7 and that same day funding was issued. It helped that extended terms were available here that helped to spread out the payments. This brand (often known as Flex Credit) catered instalment periods and so the closure was unexpected since the cap only took out many monthly firms. Despite this payday cap, the central QQ loans are still active and are doing well. The reason for this closure is likely to stem around the owner (Cash America International) simply being more focussed on the growth of their other long term lending projects that includes On Stride Financial and Pounds to Pocket.