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Private & Commercial Finance

Last Update: May 26th, 2016

Address: Pinners Hall, 105-108 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1ER.
Branding: Private & Commercial Finance. AKA: PCFG.
FCA Licence: 663704.
From: Private & Commercial Finance Group Plc.
Launched: 1993.
Memberships: Non.
Related: No companies.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday: 9am/5.30pm, Saturday: 9am/3pm.
Bad Credit Considered: Yes.
Manage: No Private & Commercial Finance login at
Niche: Car, commercial.
Products: Hire purchase.
Sums: £3000 onwards.
Terms: 12 to 60 months.

The Pricing…
13% to 35% APR (estimated)

Notes: A calculator displays repayment examples, but no such APRs. From using an external tool we can estimate that the rates are 13% (Excellent), 16% (Good), 20% (Fair) and 25% (Poor). There is a also a Bad tier, but a notice for this requests contacting for a breakdown. The rate for this would likely be around 35%. Vehicle capping is set at 10 years although exceptions are made for classics. Whilst there is no such login facility you can make one-off payments. There wasn’t enough noteworthy points and so we’ll follow with some company insights.

More Info…
PCFG has valued industry experience dating back to 1993. This lender that is based in central London today serves 14,000 customers. The HP plan on offer can be accessed by all credit status applicants. As well as targeting individuals, business financing is an important focus for them. They do a good job on the web front, taking quick and secure applications and they also enable existing customers to pay online at any time. We haven’t seen this lender advertising their services on the web. It would be likely that partner brokers are generating the bulk of leads. We are aware that CreditPlus and DSG for instance have a working relationship. More could perhaps be done to take on the top lenders in the space, but it is clear that progress is being made here. If we take their financials, the profit for 2015 saw an increase of 87% up to £1.22 million (compared to 2014’s £0.65 million).