Privacy Policy

Welcome to This is a loan comparison service dedicated to the UK subprime lending sector. The site creation is fresh, but we are building daily with an early focus on content development in adding as many of the leading lenders as we can.

This privacy policy page has been created to inform all users of the information that we track and how we go on to use this data. There are 2 areas where such tracking takes place that includes analytics and third party ads that we will be discussing further below.

Monitoring each requires the usage of cookies. A cookie is simply a piece of data that attaches itself to the visitor’s computer. It does this in initially marking the IP address and then following the user’s interaction.


On setting up this website, one of the initial things that we did was to connect Statcounter that is an analytics service. Once added, this allowed us to instantly monitor what visitors were reaching us and where they were coming from. The common route is Google search engine referrals, but other websites may also be sending these visits. An extensive range of stats becomes available to us that includes daily hits, most popular web pages, average time spent on such pages, most popular browsers and screen resolution sizes and so on. The collective information presented allows us to improve our ongoing performance and also see to admin issues, whether that be marking suspicious IPs, learning of server problems etc.

Third Party Ads:

Adverts help to supplement the content in promoting relevant services as discussed by us. Their compensation helps to cover our own costs that includes such things as advertising, content development, domain and hosting fees, paid plugins etc. Cookies are working as they do above whereby visits are marked and followed. We chose to add Google Adsense to this website. This is a reputable network and they serve relevant adverts better than anyone else that is why we used them ahead of others. Google uses the Doubleclick DART cookie to serve ads across their Adsense network. You can find further info regarding the DART cookie at Doubleclick as well as opt out options at Google’s Privacy Section.

Your Settings:

You (the user) has complete control over cookies. You can make changes within the settings of your browser to block or restrict them. We do not recommend making any such restrictions if you are a frequent web user. If you for instance use online banking or social media sites then it is a cookie that will remember your user names so that you don’t have to re-enter them each time you visit. For online shopping websites, carts also require them to work correctly.

Final Notes:

A contact page has now been created that you will find in the menu bar. You can reach us through here if you have any privacy concerns or any general questions to pose. This concludes our discussion today. Updates will be made to this page on a frequent basis.