Pounds to Pocket Promo Code 2015

Pounds to Pocket

Update: New 2016 Code

The Pounds to Pocket promo code 2015 is matched to the coupons that have always been available from this company over the years. This is a saving against the first repayment that you make at 20% and only first time applicants can take advantage of this discount. No other instalment companies currently offer promos that helps to distinguish this lender. There are other notable qualities attached to this service. They are for instance the only instalment lender that never closes. Same day funding is also provided on amounts up to £2000 with no faxing. The general pricing is more expensive than their sister-brand (On Stride Financial), but they do accept bad credit here and the payout is quicker.

This was originally a 12 month product, but the choice is now there for applicants to select between 6 and 12 months and you can also settle at an early point. There is as noted no Pounds to Pocket promo code 2015 for existing customers. First time users simply need to head over to their website and enter the coupon CJ20 on the application form. To present some examples of the new charges involved with the discount applied, we will use a £300 and £1000 example across their minimum and maximum terms. Starting with £300 over 6 months the standard cost is £208.08 and this would be cut down to £191.14.

For £1000 over a complete year the original price to pay sits at £907.40 and with the saving added the new charge will be £875.61. This updated cost over a year compares well against other unsecured personal loans for bad credit with many charging interest closer to £1000. We have also covered the QuickQuid Voucher here if you are interested in using the monthly service that is under the same umbrella of companies. Also in this pack is On Stride who we mentioned above. You can receive larger cash sums and terms at much lower costs, but it would only be advised to head there if you have a favourable profile score.