Pinewood Finance Review |

Pinewood Finance

Address: 116 George Lane, London E18 1AD.
Branding: Pinewood Finance. Also known as: PinewoodFinance.
FCA Licence: 091477.
From: Pinewood Finance Company Ltd.
Launched: 1980.
Memberships: CCA.
Related: No companies.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday (8.30am/5.30pm).
Bad Credit Considered: Yes.
Manage: No Pinewood Finance login at
Offers: Doorstep loans and Love2Shop vouchers.
Sums: £100 to £200 (new) | £500 max (returning).
Terms: 15 or 34 weeks.

The Pricing…
£210 /£300 (34)

Notes: To qualify for a loan you must reside within London or the surrounding area. If they can’t cover you that will be stated once you have typed in your postcode, they’ll refer you on to Provident. They of course cover the entire nation. The sampled loan above can only be accessed by returning users. No encryption is used.

– Eligibility: Applicants with past credit problems including CCJs are still considered by this lender. They are also willing to take on those in self-employment. In this instance they will ask you to show proof of earnings and so bank statements heading back a few months with supporting identification should be enough to get the green light.
– Experience: With a founding year of 1980, this business has now been active for more than 30 years. They have also been operating on the web since late 2003. They have tended to fly under the radar over the years, although their search engine rankings have improved recently.
– Vouchers: Customers can alternatively opt with Love2Shop vouchers instead of being handed cash. They don’t dig into the specifics though such as on the pricing and terms. These would be expected to be matched.

– Non.