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Payday Aid

Address: Harlow Enterprise Hub, Kao Hockham Building, Edinburgh Way, Harlow, CM20 2NQ.
Branding: Payday Aid. Also known as: PaydayAid.
FCA Licence: 644475.
From: Fast Investment Ltd.
Launched: 2011.
Memberships: CCTA.
Related: No companies.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday (10am/2pm).
Bad credit considered: Fair-to-good score required.
Manage: Payday Aid login provided via
Offers: Short term loans.
Pricing: £5.60/£100 (7 days) | £24/£100 (30 days).
Sums: £50 to £200 (new) | £500 max (returning).
Terms: 7 to 45 days.
Notes: This lender has highly restricted operations throughout the week. The times are important to highlight since if they are happy to run forward with the loan then they will need to speak by phone before arranging a quick payout. Bad credit is likely to be declined here. They are however willing to accept those who are employed part time.

– Amounts: Small £50 loans are obtainable. It is a further benefit that smaller sums like this can be taken over short term periods that suits those looking for some extra funds perhaps over the weekend. It will be important to get applications in early due to the noted limited times of operation.

– Fast Investment Ltd have quite a large number of alternative trading names registered. Most of those that we checked were not indexed in Google and one that was found simply redirected over to this site in focus. It may be the case that they will be launching some of these projects in the future.
– Pricing included 1% daily for interest and there was a £5 charge that covered the transmission and so back then you paid in total £12 over 7 or £35 over 30. They have now restructured their cost levels to meet the cap and so you pay 0.8% daily.
– Website has took on some design enhancements. On a previous check there was an issue whereby the SSL wouldn’t automatically trigger and so you had to do this manually. This is now working fine.