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Last Update: September 15th, 2016

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Original Credit CardsThe Vanquis Original card was launched in sync with NEO and Origin in late 2014. This release promoted at www.originalcard.co.uk has been less popular than NEO, but it shares the same product features (Origin is priced higher). The styling of these cards is one key difference with Original’s theme being more enhanced in the styling department. This Visa is sent out with a limit between £150 and £1000. There is the chance to see upgrades to this that are made every 5 months. It states that the potential return sum is £3500 and so you won’t able to get hold of £4000 as you can with the main Vanquis card plus at a few other trading brands.

The headed rate of interest is 39.9%. The specific purchase rate is 39.94%. It should be made clear that this APR is variable and it jumps as high as 69.9% (69.94%). You would expect those with severe poor credit to be lumped with this expensive rate. Speedy 60 second lending decisions are made when applying at www.originalcard.co.uk that is fully secure. The cards are sent out within 10 to 14 days. Customer logins then allow you to monitor your account or you can keep track through the Vanquis app. Customer support is provided on 6/7 days. The hours between Monday and Friday are 8am to 8pm and the Saturday times are 9am to 5.30pm.

It is the Original’s classy design that helps to hand it the edge over the NEO. However, if you instead opt to apply through www.vanquis.co.uk then you have the added benefit of being able to choose between 8 varied themes that includes Icon, Snow Tiger, Union Flag etc. Of every such direct product and the various affinity cards, it would always be worth initially making an application for the Chrome where the lowest Vanquis rate can be accessed at 29.5%. Only Tesco’s Foundation product can beat this with its standard rate of 27.5%. The overall best potential release is the Aqua Advance that starts high at 34.9%, but well managed accounts can eventually see 19.9%.