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Last Update: September 15th, 2016

Alternatives Submission:
Origin Credit CardsThe Origin credit card was launched at www.origincreditcard.co.uk back in late November 2014. This was one of a trio of projects released by Vanquis at this time. The others were NEO and Original that shared a matched interest rate of 39.9% APR. Each were variable up to 69.9%. The Origin’s standard rate is higher at 59.9%, but this again heads up to 69.9%. The decision to flood the market with extra trading brands like this was peculiar in the manner that neither had any benefits over past projects. It’s likely the case that they are simply being launched so that they can generate higher click rates on comparison searches based on additional listings showcasing catchy new brands.

With the main Vanquis card you can qualify for as much as £4000 in time through a well managed account. The upper sum here (and at NEO/Original is £3500). The initial limit is however matched that will be set between £150 and £1000. Other than not rising to £4k and having a higher rate at 59.9% (59.94%), every other product feature is matched. This Origin credit card has a very similar look of Granite that the lender issues on behalf of Media Ingenuity. Applications are securely processed at www.origincreditcard.co.uk whereby quick responses are provided in 60 seconds. Those approved will receive their card in 10 to 14 days. Once activated, it can then be managed through EVanquis.

Origin’s main interest rate may be higher, but approval rates aren’t likely to differ here. The reason being that at other projects from this provider we do see variable APRs that stretch to 69.9%. This depends on which site you are applying at. For instance, their latest release (Chrome) offers up their cheapest possible deal at 29.5%. This is only variable up to 39.9% and so they’ll be extra picky there. It has been interesting to see the launch of Chrome due to its highly competitive rate. It’s just a shame that the 3 sites that launched in November 2014 are essentially only active to maximise the chance of more leads passing through comparison searches.