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Last Update: September 7th, 2016

The world’s 4th largest motor group was created when France’s Renault and Japan’s Nissan fused in 1999. The Renault-Nissan Alliance as it is called achieved 8,528,887 sales across the 2015 year. Nissan’s share was the greatest at 5.4m and they also made a greater impact in Britain, after their Qashqai became the UK’s 5th best selling car. Based on these points, we’ll begin by investigating their background and financing options today. The history of The Nissan Motor Company takes us back to 1933. Several founders are often credited, but the main man was Yoshisuke Aikawa. The core marque is today supported by Datsun and Infiniti. Japan has always been a source of great innovation in world motoring.

Toyota stands at the top of the tree, selling more cars than any other car maker worldwide. Nissan’s mission has been to close up the gap on their local rival, but they have at the same time had to face fierce competition from Daihatsu, Honda, Mazda, Subaru and Suzuki. One of the smaller local automakers is Mitsubishi. It was recently announced that the Alliance will be taking a 34% share, hence becoming the largest shareholder. Nissan finance in the UK is provided by RCI Financial Services Ltd (RCIFS) that was created back in 1997. This is a subsidiary of Renault’s RCI Banque SA that was formed in 1974 as Societe Financiere de Renault (Sofiren).

RCI’s corporate site is There is also although you won’t learn much extra there. For the Nissan car finance login we have added in the title. This is actually a gateway to RCI Banque Web, but we ignored this since you have to type in the specific long address, otherwise you are met with a blank page. The very latest deals can be viewed on that guides you on the pricing, but if you do wish to apply then this must be done in person at any of their dealerships. Financing options include HP (Hire Purchase) or PCP (Preferences). Most of the offers that you’ll see are taken on PCP agreements.

The APR is usually either 0% or 5.9% for both plans. The 0% rates studied required 25% deposits (PCP) or 30% (HP). They didn’t ask for them when higher APRs were added. PCP’s deposit contributions when available tended to vary between £500 and £2000 (the Leaf jumped to £5000). The Micra is the budget line from £7995 and the Note is also a low cost choice from £10,995. The Juke, Leaf, Pulsar and X-Trail are a few other designs, but it is the excellent Qashqai crossover that has took the UK by storm. For high performance we have the 370Z (£27,860+), but the jewel in the crown is Nissan’s GT-R, with the future 2017 GT-R selling from £79,995. Contact times are Mon/Fri (8.30am/6pm), Sat (9am/5pm).