New Sunny Promo Code 2016


Last Update: September 4th, 2016

Sunny’s 2015 Deal was set at 20%, whilst the current Sunny promo code 2016 creates a 10% discount against their 6 month product. Whilst 6 is determined as the repayment you can quickly settle early when you require just a single month or a few. Towards the end of last year this promotion was removed from Sunny’s ads seen online and so it had appeared to have come to an end. It however came back in early January and has been live ever since. We were unsure on whether 10% or 20% was available, but they now allow users to validate coupons and only the smaller option went through on testing.

The Sunny discount code 2016 at 10% creates £21.60. QuickQuid’s Latest Deal is just 5% and so the charge there is £22.80. We do like to see monthly charges below £23 since so many lenders just meet the industry cap at £24 per £100 over 30 days. The standard instalment charges for £300 are £154.24 (3) and £295.91 (6). The new charges payable once making the reductions are £137.99 (3) and £262.87 (6). The updated prices they show never quite work out at 10%. As before, there is no saving available on the extended term options that you would prefer to see. They do at least reduce the interest rate as you increase.

Other than the current promotion in focus, there has been no changes to Sunny’s product since it was restructured. They are however advertising on TV as much as any of the majors. There are of course some small features that you likely won’t find elsewhere. Some initiatives for instance include their 5 day cooling-off period should you change your mind and they also never charge late payment fees. If you are happy to proceed then the coupon to enter on the application form is (SUNNY10‎). If you actually head to them through an advert then this should automatically be added and you will be shown a different layout that highlights the new saving on the smaller term.