New QuickQuid Promo Code 2016


The QuickQuid promo code 2016 has seen a reduction on 2015’s 25% Offer. This year there will be a 5% saving up for grabs only. It may be the case that there is a larger discount available, but the previous 25% page has been taken down and replaced with a new 5% one. There was another 5% page last year, but the fact that the larger one was taken down suggests that it has been removed. Plus, they aren’t actively promoting it in their online ads as they were back then. As always, there is no way to validate QQ codes on their site that makes it difficult to test out what works and what doesn’t.

From checking several popular coupon sites on the web, some were promoting better deals, but on checking the posting date this was usually 1 or 2 years back that is no use. It isn’t so much of a surprise that a cut has been made. Every payday lender had to face the doomsday 2015 year through FCA capping. Since that went ahead QuickQuid haven’t run any changes to their product. They still offer the monthly term that can be extended to 2 or 3 months if preferred. It isn’t advised to do this though since the interest rate doesn’t reduce as you extend and so they are pretty expensive over 3 months.

The standard £100 charge is £24 (x3 = £72 over 3). Previously the 25% codes got the monthly charge down to £18. The QuickQuid promo code 2016 in focus discounts £1.20 away that leaves a £22.80 charge. Whilst this saving isn’t huge, they are still cheaper than Wonga over the month. In order to access this deal you will have to be a first time customer. The coupon to enter on the application form is QQ5. It may be worth also trying QQ25, although this won’t likely go through. From checking Pounds to Pocket’s New Discount, they have kept the same 20% of the initial payment. They have however changed what needs to be entered.