New Pounds to Pocket Promo Code 2016

Pounds to Pocket

The Pounds to Pocket promo code 2016 did hold the same value as the previous 2015 Coupon. More recently there has however been a change to this. In a separate posting, we covered the latest QuickQuid Discount. It looks like the best that you can do there is now 5%. It is difficult for them to offer much of a cut on monthly loans since they already have to meet the industry cap where profits are tightly squeezed. In comparison, the instalment and personal loans offered here are pitched up to 12 months and so the cap isn’t an issue. Regardless of this, there has been a recent change to the value of the codes (20% to 10%).

The standard costs are £208.08 per £300 (3) and £907.40 per £1000 (12). Once the Pounds to Pocket promo code 2016 is added, the discount takes 10% from the first repayment. The new calculation creates new charges that round off to £199.61 (3) and £891.51 (12). When the previous 20% saving was available the charges worked out as £191.14 (6) and £875.61 (12). It is always worth testing out the old coupon of FIRST20. This is no longer featured on their site and so it looks to have closed. The new 10% offer is however listed whereby you must enter (FIRST10). It is tricky to know for sure since on their application form there is no validate button.

Discounts are only available to first time applicants. Existing customers have never been offered lower prices. It is a shame that the potential saving has been trimmed down. This is quite an expensive personal loan at £891.51. You have to factor in though that they do consider poor credit and so with a very low score it may still be possible to get the green light here. For anyone that does have a fair profile, it would make more sense to apply firstly with Enova’s On Stride Financial. A much cheaper cost over a year would be required of £385.88. They did go cheaper than this, but have since removed their more competitive variable rates at £1k.