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Last Update: September 15th, 2016

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NEO Credit CardsIt was surprising to see Vanquis release the NEO, Origin and Original cards. As well as the main card and Aquis, they have been issuing for Argos, Black Diamond and Granite. What was the need for these other projects is a question worth asking when you see that there are no enhancements in place, with the same features being mirrored here. There is a difference with the returning capped limit of £3500 rather than £4000, but not every customer would even qualify for this a few years down the line. Search engine data shows that the NEO credit card located at is the most popular release of this fresh bunch that arrived together.

Other than a few comparison listings, there has been no extra promotion on this side and so it is unclear why there is such a variation in popularity between the pair that were each launched on the same date in November 2014. This Visa comes loaded with between £150 and £1000 with 5 month reviews allowing further advances as trust is built. As was noted, £3500 is the potential future limit assuming that the account is managed well. The interest is set at 39.9% APR (39.94% purchases). This is a variable rate that can be raised to 69.9%. As with all of the Vanquis releases, applicants can receive quick decisions within just a minute.

Each application is securely processed through When the green light is given it should take between 10 and 14 days before it arrives in the post. Full account servicing is then provided through EVanquis and they also have an app that you can use on the move with your phone. The customer support days/hours are 8am to 8pm throughout the week and 9am to 5.30pm on Saturdays. There isn’t much of a difference whether you apply here or on the main website. If your profile rating is fair then it would be a good idea to give Chrome a try first since the best rate possible there is just 29.5%.