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NatWest Loans

Address: Freepost, PO Box 594, Chatham, ME4 9DP.
Branding: NatWest Loans. Also known as: National Westminster Bank Loans.
FCA Licence: 003904.
From: The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc.
Launched: 1968.
Memberships: Non.
Related: RBS, Ulster Bank.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday (8am/8pm), Saturday (9am/6pm).
Bad credit considered: Fair-to-good score required.
Manage: NatWest login provided via
Offers: Personal loans.
Pricing: £116.24/£1000 (12) £230.96 (24) | £261.32/£10,000 (12) £506.48 (24).
Sums: £1000 to £25,000 (new and returning) | £35,000 max (in-branch).
Terms: 12 to 84 months (120 for home improvement).
Notes: The rates across 1k and 10k are 22.9% and 4.9%. Any amount above £25k must be arranged by branch or phone. There are often term restrictions based on the amount selected. Important: You must hold a current account and there doesn’t look to be any exceptions to this. If you require a loan as an outsider then you’ll need to switch current accounts. Funds can be received by the next working day if you use their online banking. Otherwise, you’ll need to get documents in and there will be a delay of several days. It is worth adding that the login button redirects to

– Amounts: £25,000 is possible online and by branch or phone you can head to £35,000.
– Branches: They have a large network standing at 1600 that is even larger than that of Barclays.
– Experience: Their formation took place in 1968 through a merge. Their roots however stretch back much further to the year 1658 through the Smith’s Bank of Nottingham who exceed the timeline of any rival. They became part of the RBS Group in the year 2000 that also brought in Ulster who were already a division.
– Operations: Customer support is available on Saturdays, although you’d prefer to see this extend to Sundays. There is a dedicated Twitter account for support where you can also shoot your questions @NatWest_Help. They claim this is managed 24/7.
– Ownership: The RBS Group is one of the Big Four and they were for a short time the world’s largest bank. Between the financial crisis and today things haven’t quite gone to plan for the majority government-owned banking force. They however remain as one of the big players when factoring assets owned. A major high street presence has always been beneficial and this division in focus is continually progressing for the better and many consider it to be the backbone since it was much larger than RBS before joining forces.
– Profile: NatWest loans are more frequently searched for than those of RBS that was surprising to see. They are headed as the market leader in retail and commercial banking. They as noted have a major presence on the high street with 1600 branches and 3400 cash machines that helps to maintain brand awareness. There are more than 7.5 million personal customers and 850,000 small business accounts. They were recently documented in The Bank: A Matter of Life or Debt.
– Terms: Borrowing can be stretched out across 84 months that will help to break down a chunky balance. The repayment can be extended further for home improvements.

– Saturday time corrected from 4pm to 6pm.