Nationwide Debt Now with Fredrickson International. Is FredPay and Freds This Same Company?

Q: Nationwide debt now with Fredrickson International. Is FredPay and Freds this same company? ~ Tom, Luton.

Yes Fredrickson International Ltd is also FredPay and Freds. These are the names of each of their websites. The first takes payments and the second is their corporate site. To provide some information on who you are dealing with, this collector is based in Weybridge in Surrey. They have been operating since back in 1992. Although they haven’t been around for a considerable time they soon became one of the top 5 industry collectors. This recently attracted the attention of the Lowell Group who went on to acquire the Interlaken Group that includes both this firm and also SRJ. Through this acquisition Lowell would likely have jumped Moorcroft to top spot in the industry.

It was interesting to see that your Nationwide debt was being chased by them. Other than this leading building society they have worked with big banks such as NatWest and Santander. From running some searches it was shown that away from financial they have also worked with HMRC, Tesco Mobile and Thames Water. FredPay that you mentioned at is their website that collects customer payments on all collections. They have done a great job with this facility that enables logins with detailed reporting. More than 30,000 customers manage their accounts through this login. Freds at simply provides background information on the agency and promotes the services that they offer.

Using their payment system to clear your Nationwide debt would be advised. With the reporting that they offer, it does appear that they accept repayment plans. You would be best reaching them by phone to discuss your account. On checking, there was actually 2 Fredrickson contact numbers that included 0845 313 6613 and 0845 839 6011. One of these should get you through to their support advisors. The call times are Monday and Friday (8am to 9pm) and also Saturday (8am to 4pm). Before reaching them you should dig out any letters received as you’ll have to state your reference number when speaking to them (or type this when using their payment system).