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Morses Club

Last Update: June 9th, 2016

Address: Kingston House, Centre 27 Business Park, Woodhead Road, Birstall, Batley, WF17 9TD.
Branding: Morses Club. AKA: MorsesClub.
FCA Licence: 625039.
From: Morses Club Ltd.
Launched: 1880s.
Memberships: CCA, CCTA.
Related: Shopacheck.

Loan Details…
Bad Credit Morses Club Loans Available?: Yes.
Manage: No Morses Club login at
Offers: Doorstep loans.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (9am/5pm).
Sums: £100 to £200 (new) | £1500 max (returning).
Terms: 34 or 50 weeks.

The Pricing…
£210 /£300 (34).

Notes: The formation is unclear. Their website was registered in 2002 that was originally our best estimate. There is now a note that their roots originate to over 130 years ago. This was through a drapery store owned by Mr Levi Morse that eventually expanded into other markets. It is likely that the financial switch came close to 2002. The noted £1500 sum covers the 50 week repayment, with £1000 being set for the selection of 34. Through the recent merge there are now 2250 agents and so their coverage spanning the UK is much more extensive. These operate from 100 branches. Minimum applicant age is 21.

– Eligibility: There was originally no great emphasis on targeting those with bad credit scores. Since the update they now however promote that poor credit including CCJs and defaults may be considered. We could spot no note on age, but the minimum age would likely start from 21 matching Shopacheck.
– Experience: Whilst we aren’t able to pinpoint their roots, the 130 year reference shows that there is plenty of business experience even if they only switched to the financial space in recent years.
– Multi-memberships: This has now been adopted.
– Profile: The Morses Club Shopacheck merge in March 2015 has created the second largest doorstep lending operation behind Provident. Shopacheck now operates under this Ltd company. Through this merge there is a quoted number of 2500 agents, but this is likely to be less since Shop had 1800 and MC had 450 (= 2250). Historically, both of these companies have struggled in this market. This featured company lost their way and was acquired by RCapital in 2009. Their new partner was created by Welcome Financial Services Ltd who closed after bankruptcy. Their group owner was Cattles Plc who also faced difficulties and their shares were acquired by Bovess Ltd. This new force may need to restructure their service to stand out since the pricing here is higher than what most doorstep lenders charge.

– High street retailer cards were available for Asda, Debenhams etc. This has been discontinued.
– Repayment options included 34 weeks (for £100 to £600) or 50 weeks (£500 to £1000). Northern Ireland residents could select 33. New applicants could select a maximum sum of £150 and so they had to take the initial repayment choice.
– The merge took place in March 2015.
– Website has received a major overhaul. The old dated look has took on a fresh modern theme. The pricing has remained the same, whilst most other features are matched to their new partner.