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Mini Car Finance

Last Update: September 7th, 2016

The Mini was a firm Brit favourite throughout its active years from 1959 to 2000. The BMW Group took brand ownership in 1994, but they would later sell of the business in 2000. They however maintained the naming rights and from this adapted their own modern interpretation that sold from 2001. There wasn’t many shared traits, but as before you still see that same bulldog stance. The core model in this marque is the Hatch that comes in 3 and 5 door variants. There is also the same 3 and 5 door editions of the Hatch Seven. It is in the 3 door Hatch that the budget One can be picked up for £14,075.

On the premium side the Clubman starts from £20,105. The Paceman can be purchased a little cheaper at £19,215, but the Paceman John Cooper Works heads higher than any other release at £29,600. There is certainly plenty of choice that you can uncover in detail at Of the entire range it was the Hatch that managed to creep into the top 10 for UK sales over 2015. Their position was 9th that took 47,076 registrations to hit. A large portion of these cars would have been acquired on Mini’s PCP Select plan. The Mini car finance from Mini Financial Services arrived in 2001 when their designs first hit the roads.

This was created as a division of BMW Financial Services (UK) Ltd that is part of BMW Bank GmbH. The roots here date back to the year 1971. The 2 plans available include Select (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP). Only promotional offers are disclosed on PCP contracts. Most of the cars see APR at 5.9%. This does however lower to 5.8% on 2 year contracts rather than the more commonly used terms of 3 or 4 years. On a past check there was times when higher rates were applied as such with the Convertible at 6.4%. More recently, this was however shown at the same price as the other models.

Most came with deposit contributions, such as the entry level Hatch at £1150 whilst the Paceman was much higher at £2900. It is tempting to see boosts like this, but some of their rivals drop much lower on the interest rates. You only have to look at Vauxhall who offer 0% conditional sale plans. All of the latest cars can be viewed at, but there is no apply or login capability. The route to apply is through any franchised dealerships. The BMW Group sold 2,247,485 cars across the 2015 year (338,466 Minis). It will be interesting to see who is the star of 2016. Will it be the Hatch or perhaps the new Clubman?