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Mercedes-Benz Retail Group

The Mercedes-Benz Retail Group (MBRG) was established back in the year 2000. Their central website is although they have created mini-sites for their individual dealerships. They have close to 30 outlets and have just below 3000 in stock. Sales have been booming and across 2014 they generated the 7th largest turnover of any motor dealer. They were notably the top selling direct manufacturer, just edging out Ford who ranked 9th with TrustFord. This is a great feat when you consider that their niche is premium. You’ll mostly find Mercs at MBRG, but there are also some Smart cars. Both brands are of course owned by Daimler AG.

Daimler’s name was first introduced in 1926, but their roots head back much further to 1883 through Benz & Cie. They sit just outside the top 10 of every manufacturer for worldwide sales. They are battling in the luxury car space with fellow German brands BMW and VW’s Audi. Getting to the Mercedes-Benz Retail Group finance, a variety of options can be taken such as HP and PCH. Financing is provided internally through Daimler Financial Services AG. Applications aren’t processed through with a form being in place to request callbacks. They also don’t dig into the interest rates other than on new cars where you’ll usually see 6.4% APR.

Each Merc dealership has its own website. There really isn’t that much of a need for these since they provide all of the branch info you’ll want to know through the central one. Of the showrooms that were checked over, these were always open for sales 7 days a week. The closing time between Monday and Friday was 6.30pm and over the weekends the close was 5pm. Whilst you’d prefer to see the MBRG finance prices for their used cars, it is worth adding that the actual listings are very detailed. They even attach an efficiency calculator that is a nice tool to give you a good idea on the running costs.