Maxcroft Review |


Last Update: November 9th, 2016

Address: 632 Eastern Avenue, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6PG.
Branding: Maxcroft. AKA: Max Croft.
FCA Licence: 670402.
From: Maxcroft Securities Ltd.
Launched: 1976.
Memberships: BCCA, CCTA.
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Product Details…
Bad Credit Maxcroft Loans Available?: Yes.
Manage: No Maxcroft login at
Offers: Logbook and personal loans.
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (9am/6pm), Friday (9am/7pm), Saturday (9am/4pm).
Secure (SSL): Yes.
Sums: £500 and £5000 (new and returning).
Terms: 8 to 36 months (per) | 6 to 24 months (V5C).

The Pricing…
£420 /£1000 (12) (per) <0.115%>
£840 /£1000 (12) (V5C) <0.230%>

Notes: Coverage for both products extends throughout the UK. You will however need to complete the contract at their Essex office. The logbook options sees same day funding on any aged vehicle including cars, motorbikes, tractors, vans etc. We then move on to the unsecured loans that carry the same max £5000 sum, but extended repayment options are provided. This isn’t necessarily a prime product with bad credit being considered. All payments are made by cash.

– Amounts: £5000 is available through either service. This large sum would however suit the unsecured option more since you can spread it out as far as 3 years.
– Experience: This family-run firm has been trading since 1976. Over their history they have generally served cheque cashing, pawnbroking etc, but in modern times they have expanded to offer the featured loan products. It is interesting to see them directly lend their own logbook loans since most of the high street chains will refer customers on to third parties. We spotted their personal loan a few pages deep on a major keyword term in Google and so they are progressing well, that can’t really be said for most other pawnbrokers online. The main obstacle at hand here is that all applications have to be completed by branch.
– Multi-memberships: Impressively holds both BCCA and CCTA memberships (also NPA for pawnbroking).
– Operations: You can get down to them on Saturdays (between 9am and 4pm).
– Vehicles: There is no discrimination on vehicle type or their ages. It would however be advised to get confirmation on your specific vehicle by phone rather than just blindly heading down. They may struggle to generate leads outside of their local area for this particular service, since many V5 firms will come to your home.

– Amounts started from £200 (now £500).
– Unsecured term also now begins at 8 rather than 6.