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Marsh Finance

Last Update: May 28th, 2016

Address: 2 Chichester Court, Milnrow Road, Rochdale, OL16 1UG.
Branding: Marsh Finance. AKA: MarshFinance.
FCA Licence: 359991.
From: Marsh Finance Ltd.
Launched: 1973.
Memberships: FLA.
Related: No companies.

Loan Details…
Available: Days/times not disclosed.
Bad Credit Considered: Yes.
Manage: No Marsh Finance login at
Niche: Car.
Products: Hire purchase, personal contract purchase.
Sums: ?
Terms: 12 to 60 months.

The Pricing…
19% to 24% (estimated)

Notes: The quoted interest range has been disclosed in the past, but it is likely that their subrime rates would surpass 30%. Direct apply option is available, but no SSL is used.

Limited Features | More Info…
Marsh has not always been aligned with car finance. They had started out in 1973 in the doorstep loan space and would build 11 branches across the North West region. This business was later taken on by Cattles Plc in 1999 and so Shopacheck (now Morses Club) would have benefited from this deal. It was soon after this sale that the motor switch went ahead. Subprime audiences were targeted from the outset via HP and PCP plans. To aid growth, alliances were made with well known dealerships across the UK. Both Perrys and Stoneacre have been 2 such key partners. More recently a program was composed to attract brokers to promote their service. We are aware of DSG being one such broker that is now connected. The option is of course there to directly apply with them to obtain a quick decision. As was noted, there is some uncertainty on pricing. It isn’t likely though that a subprime scored applicant would access between 19% and 24%.