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Last Update: September 15th, 2016

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Marbles Credit CardsThe Marbles credit card has been available from its new owner since May 2015. It was actually established in 1999, at the time as a near-prime solution at (now taken down). NewDay Ltd acquired the brand from HSBC in 2007 and so there was certainly a long delay in its relaunch. NewDay’s main line of cards come in the Aqua line. Then there is their affinity business that was picked up from Santander in 2013. This means that they now issue for various well known brands such as Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Topman and Wallis. They did actually make another purchase with the Citi Card from Citibank Financial that became the Opus. No current applications are however taken.

Alike Aqua, the product available at is designed for those with low credit scores. This is however more of a stripped down offering whereas the Aquas brings perks such as cashback or rate reductions. The Marbles credit card includes a standard interest rate of 33.8% (33.83% purchases). Within the terms it does states that other potential APRs are 39.9% and 44.9%. These will be handed to those that are seen as greater risks. Anyway, 33.8% is the lowest APR that you can access from NewDay with a low score. With the Aqua Advance they start higher at 34.9%, but this can drop as low as 19.9% when the account is managed well.

Other than pricing, most of the specs are shared here and so the same initial limit on these MasterCards will be set between £250 and £1200. Reviews are made every 3 months. When landing on they show applicants an eligibility checker (FastCheck) so that you can get an accurate likelihood of acceptance before making the full application with no effect on your record. The technology used is HD Decisions. MoneySuperMarket had purchased a stake in this company, but this was later sold on with Experian being the current owner. Those accepted can expect a delivery within 14 or so days. NewDay considers bad credit, but they are a little more picky than lenders like Vanquis.

They don’t accept anyone that has had a CCJ heading back a year and there is also a ruling on bankruptcy of the period of 18 months. A nice touch on the customer support side is that they can be reached 7 days a week. Their listed times are Monday to Friday (8am/9pm), Saturday (9am/5pm) and Sunday (10am/6pm). There is a Marbles credit card login served on a subdomain of the site that enables complete management. It is not clear how much potential this card has moving forward generally due to NewDay’s greater focus directed at the various Aquas that have received TV ad campaigning in recent years.