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Last Update: July 14th, 2016

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Luma Credit CardsThe Luma credit card has enjoyed notable success since it arrived at back in September 2012. MI Money that is a division of the Media Ingenuity Group had already tested the subprime waters with Granite, but this time around there was much more of a desire to craft one of the most popular affinity cards on the market. This was achieved mainly with the assistance of TV ad campaigning. Whilst Granite was partnered with Vanquis, this time they had jumped into a deal with this lender’s main market rival Capital One. This product is modelled on their Classic, but it does come with slightly higher interest at 35.9% (35.94%) that compares to 34.9% (34.94%).

It is stated that this is a variable rate, but alike their issuer there are no details of any alternative rates that may be enforced. This MasterCard that comes in a dark blue design will have a limit set between £200 and £1500. It is not made clear when limits are reviewed, but the issuer does this twice a year. The Luma card site ( essentially acts as a gateway with the applications being processed at their provider who’ll hand a rapid response in just 60 seconds. The Luma login is taken on at Capital One Online and they also have a mobile app if you wish to keep track that way.

We can recall at one time there being a 0% purchase deal to get new customers up and running, but this was later removed. If your score isn’t to damaged then you may be able to qualify for the Barclaycard Initial that on that side comes with 0% on purchases for the opening 3 months. For customer support, you’ll be speaking directly with the lender’s team and so as you can see pretty much every aspect of this product is controlled by the issuer. This has been the most popular subprime affinity card released on the market. They do however have healthy competition from the likes of Argos, Ocean Finance and Very.