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Manchester’s Lookers is one of the longest running motor dealers formed by John Looker in 1908. This is the Group’s core brand that focuses on England and Wales, whilst they have Charles Hurst in Northern Ireland and Taggarts in Scotland. Recently in September 2015 they added the Benfield Motor Group to their portfolio after a £87.5 million sale. They state that this now makes them the 3rd biggest car dealership in the country. They had historically been headed as a top 5 dealership. Other than the Benfield deal, they have recently bought out dealerships that shows that they are on the rise. They for instance purchased Addison Motors as well as Amersham Jaguar from Jardine Motors.

There are now around 160 dealerships that houses 8000 vehicles in total. The bulk of these outlets (just over 100) belong to this company that you can view online via www.lookers.co.uk. The franchising route has been a key focus for this firm through such key partners as Vauxhall and Volkswagen. The Lookers finance was available on HP and PCP financing plans. On checking now, they do also list PCH and loan options. The repayment spread sits at 24 to 60 months. Little else is really shared such as the partners used and the pricing. We are aware that customers with top credit can access 0% finance, but this is on brand new cars (typically Vauxhall models).

There is no direct apply facility through www.lookers.co.uk. When scanning through their stock here if you head to “More Info” and “Get a Finance Quote” this will trigger a small form to request financing details by email. Otherwise, you’d be best to head down to your local showroom. There is no direct contact line for support, with them only providing contact information for their branches. Those checked were open on Saturdays to either 5pm or 5.30pm and Sundays closed at 4pm. During the week they closed at 7pm. Benfield is an interesting addition to the Group that will help them to make up ground across England. This deal brought 30 dealerships including many top motor franchises.