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Address: Royal House, Princes Gate, Homer Road, Solihull, B91 3QQ.
Branding: LoansatHome4U. AKA: Loans at Home 4U.
FCA Licence: 007702.
From: S.D. Taylor Ltd (part of Non-Standard Finance Plc).
Launched: 1975.
Memberships: Non.
Related: No companies.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday (9am/5pm).
Bad Credit Considered: Yes.
Manage: No LoansatHome4U login at
Offers: Doorstep loans and Love2Shop vouchers.
Sums: £150 to £500 (new) | £2000 max (returning).
Terms: 24, 33, 42, 50 or 75 weeks.

The Pricing…
£195 /£300 (33)

Notes: Coverage is comprehensive with 500+ agents (700 staff total) working from 30 offices. Whilst eligibility is not covered in detail there is a reference that many of their 120,000 customers had past credit difficulties. There is also a minimum qualifying age of 21. The sums granted depend on which term you are looking for.

– Amounts: Up to £2000 is now available. This is however specific to the 75 week repayment.
– Experience: Not confirmed, but we believe this company has been around since 1975.
– Ownership (Update): The past owner (S&U Plc) recently sold this firm to Non-Standard Finance Plc for £82.5 million. S&U will continue to trade through Advantage Finance. This sale is interesting when you dig into Non-Standard Finance further. This company is now controlled by John Van Kuffeler who had previously been the Chairman of Provident Financial.
– Profile: This noted £82.5 million sale makes sense when you see who the new owner is. Having managed the market leader (Provident) Mr Kuffeler would have been fully aware on the workings of this doorstep lender who is the current 3rd largest. They have also been the most popular sector brand visited here.
– Vouchers: As well as the main doorstep product, you can also apply for high street Love2Shop vouchers. A voucher can be used at the likes of Argos, Boots, Halfords, River Island etc.

– Acquisition went through in July 2015.
– Amounts did range between £150 and £600. They now head as far as £2000. At the same time, a range of repayment options have been set that replaces 23 and 32.
– Pricing has been increased. They did ask for £180 per £300 over 32 weeks (0.268% daily). You now pay £195 over 33 (0.281% daily).
– Website has took on a new design. No SSL is still used though and there was an issue with the calculator when we checked it.