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Last Update: September 10th, 2016

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Littlewoods Credit CardsLittlewoods was founded by John Moores originally as a betting company in 1923. They however found their niche in mail-order retailing that got under way in 1932. Despite enjoying many years of success, the good times came to an end in 2005. They couldn’t compete with Argos and the market trends were shifting to the web. Whilst this company closed down, the brand itself lived on through the Shop Direct Group who turned it into a web only venture at K&Co has recently been merged into this brand that now trades alongside Very who themselves have taken in Isme and Woolworths. Both sites are matched in most areas, although Very’s prices have been reported to be lower.

Whilst this may be the case, the Money area where you spread the cost currently promotes a 0% APR deal (whilst Very’s rate is 39.9%). These accounts are issued directly by their owner Shop Direct. There is no difference with personal loans where they refer on to Moneyway. The Littlewoods credit card alike Very’s is issued by Capital One. A slight benefit on this side is a small £10 bonus that we’ll come back to. There is no further variation between either MasterCard. The limit will always be set between £200 and £1500 with the interest charged at 34.9% (34.94%). The product page at redirects applicants on to a Capital One page.

Web Account Servicing and a mobile app are also available to use through their issuer. The card’s design has changed recently. It was previously red with a purple logo in the top corner. It now looks much better in purple with white printing. As was noted, there is a £10 credit deal available to spend on the site. This is provided once you have received the card, with a code by email being sent out within 30 days. This offer was previously available with Very, but it has been taken down there and so we’d recommended applying through this company. No other affinity partner using the same lender offers any kind of loyalty reward as seen here.