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Little Loans

Little Loans is a brokerage service created recently in 2013 at the address of The owner (Digitonomy Ltd) has a range of further projects behind them. As well as finding customers a loan, they also work extensively in the field of debt. The brand in focus has been Digitonomy’s most popular release to date, whilst Longer Loans and Minute Money are each also well known. Despite the branding used here, applicants can actually receive very large cash sums at application. The full span sits between £100 and £2000. The term range that is used on their calculator slide is shown as 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 months.

Once details have been passed through this company it is claimed that the funds can be received in just 15 minutes time. For pricing they provide an example of a £500 sum taken over 12 months that has a charge of £449.01 with a displayed variable interest rate of 278%. The actual partner lenders that they send leads on to are not referenced. It is likely that a large pool is used that would include instalment loan lenders like Lending Stream, Pounds to Pocket, Sunny etc. Their website has a vibrant design and encryption is used on all applications. The content provided is also more thorough than what most rival brokers display.

The popularity of Little Loans has grown quickly since they hit the market back in 2013. They do tend to advertise their service to a considerable amount through Google that will no doubt be a major source of business for them. Their contact page includes no phone number, but they do attach a form and there is also a listed correspondence address that you can reach them through at 34 Newhouse, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8JY. Digitonomy Ltd does hold a licence (658817) and they have as noted been busy developing a wide cluster of companies in recent years, but this firm is likely to remain as their primary focus.