List of Aged 18+ Non Homeowner Guarantor Loans

Q: Can you list all non homeowner guarantor loans ideally for 18 year old tenants? (shortened for title) ~ Rob, Brighton.

If you checked out our Guarantor Lender Comparison you will see that we did mark all of the companies that accept tenant backings. We didn’t however compile a list factoring also ages and so we do that here and also update the main comparison page. The introduction of non homeowner guarantor loans has been a major development in this niche, making the products much more accessible. Before hand it was very tricky to find a backer who owned their home. In many cases, the applicant would have had to ask their parents to support the agreement. Through the relaxed change it is now more likely that friends or work colleagues can step in.

Several years back it was reported that 36% of UK homes were rented and 64% were owned. This 64% tally was 71% back in 2003. Fewer people are able to get on the property ladder these days and so you can only imagine this share dropping over the years ahead. Of the 18 firms compared, 7 required the backers to own their homes. There are 11 options remaining, although Consollo does look to be shutting down. We spotted that the starting ages were either 18, 21 or 25 that have been grouped this way below with firms sorted alphabetically within each. Just to add that sometimes the upper limit is not disclosed.

Non Homeowner Guarantor Loans

A) 18 Years Old:
Amigo Loans: 18/75
GLO: 18/70
JL Money: 18+
LendFair: 18/75

B) 21 Years Old:
Bamboo: 21/72
Consollo: 21/75 (temp closed)
The Quick Cash Club: 21+

C) 25 Years Old:
Masa Loans: 25+
TrustTwo: 25/74
UK Credit: 25/65


Based on the data above, the top solutions that require tenants from 18 are Amigo, GLO, JL Money and LendFair. Amigo needs little introduction as the market leader, GLO is owned by Provident, JL Money is one of the newer names on the scene and LendFair stands out for being the only no credit check guarantor lender. If you head over to the comparison you’ll be able to compare the loan rates, opening times etc. Outside of this niche, you may wish to check out the Personal Loan Lenders who don’t require backings. We have particularly been impressed with Likely Loans who charge just £228.32 per £1000. Poor credit is fine if affordability can be demonstrated.